The Metropolitan Railway Suin Line was extended between Suwon and Hanyang University at Ansan, and started direct operation through into the Bundang Line

South Korea Railway News

Korea Railroad Corp. (KORAIL) newly opened the extension section of the Metropolitan Railway Suin Line (수도권 전철 수인선) between Suwon Station (수원, Gyeonggi) and Hanyang University at Ansan Station (한대앞, Gyeonggi) on Saturday, September 12, 2020. The opening sections and new stations are as follows.

  • Suwon Station (K245: existing station)
  • Gosaek Station (K246: 고색, Gyeonggi)
  • Omokcheon Station (K247: 오목천, Gyeonggi)
  • Eocheon Station (K248: 어천, Gyeonggi)
  • Yamok Station (K249: 야목, Gyeonggi)
  • Sa-ri Station (K250: 사리, Gyeonggi)
  • Hanyang University at Ansan Station (K251: existing station)

With the opening of this time, the Metropolitan Railway Suin Line and Bundang Line are integrated as the “Suin & Bundang Line”, and started the through operation via Suwon Station. It connects between Wangsimni Station (왕십리, Seoul City) and Incheon Station (인천, Incheon City) without changing trains.