Our apps ‘Rail Map’ for each country / region will be discontinued

We will terminate distribution on the app stores and support of our railway maps apps by country / region – ‘(Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore) Rail Map’ on June 30, 2019. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Now available the alternative app ‘World Transit Maps’

If you would like to continue using our maps, please install our new app ‘World Transit Maps’. In addition to the railway maps of each country / region, the transit route search function is newly added. We expect you feel it better than now.

Learn more about our new app ‘World Transit Maps’



Notice: ‘Former apps’ mean our ‘Korea Rail Map’, ‘Taiwan Rail Map’, ‘Hong Kong Rail Map’, ‘Thailand Rail Map’, ‘Malaysia Rail Map’ and ‘Singapore Rail Map’.

Q. Is the new app ‘World Transit Maps’ free?

A. ‘World Transit Maps’ is available for free. The free service ‘Rail Map Basic’ will applied when installed it, which you can use railway maps of one country / region you choose.

If you upgrade to the paid plans ‘Rail Map Passport’ or ‘Rail Map Premium’, you can freely use maps of all countries / regions we provide.

Q. I want the railway maps of only one country / region as before.

A. After installing our new app‘World Transit Maps’ you will see the list of countries / regions. Please select a country / region you were using with our former apps. You don’t need other specific settings.

Q. I have used 2 or more ‘Rail Map’ apps of countries / regions.

A. You can use railway maps of only one country / region for free with our new app ‘World Transit Maps’. If you want to browse the railway maps of 2 or more countries / regions, please consider upgrading to the paid plans.

Q. Can I still install the former apps after changing my device?

A. Our former apps will be disappeared from the app stores at June 30, 2019, then you cannot instal them on any devices after that. The former apps remaining in your current device can be used for the time being.

Q. I would like to inquire about the former apps.

Please note that our support inquiries for former apps will end on June 30, 2019.

Learn more about our new app ‘World Transit Maps’