App 'Rail Map' has been renewed to 'World Transit Maps'!
You can watch both the transit routes and the railway maps on the same screen.
In addition to Japan so far, we newly began the transit route search in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom.

Countries / Regions

The coverage area will continue to expand steadily in the future.


Hong Kong
MTR, Airport Express, Hong Kong Tram, Peak Tram, Light Rail
Shinkansen, JR, railways, subways in Tokyo / Yokohama / Nagoya / Kyoto / Osaka / Fukuoka etc.
KTM, KLIA Express, KL Monorail, Kuala Lumpur LRT
MRT, LRT, Sentosa Express, cable car
South Korea
KTX, KORAIL, Airport Express (A’REX), subways & metro in Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Daegu & Busan
High-Speed Railway (HSR), Taiwan Railway (TRA), Alishan Forest Railway, Taipei & Kaohsiung Metro
State Railways (SRT), Airport Rail Link, BTS (Skytrain) & MRT in Bangkok


UK(England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland)
Eurostar, South Eastern High Speed, National Rail
Underground (Tube), metro, tram in London, Manchester, Newcastle etc.

Major Functions

  • Railway maps for multiple languages
    (Offline browsing is available if already downloaded)
  • Street maps
  • Transit route search
  • List of train lines from stations
  • Timetable of stations (Japan Only)
  • Tweets about stations (link with Twitter)
  • Photo gallery of stations


Please check “Menu > Upgrade” for details.

“Rail Map Basic” – Free Service

  • The “Rail Map Basic” is applied when this app has been installed.
  • You can use the railway maps of one country / region only.
  • When one country / region is divided to multiple areas, the number of areas is not limited.

“Rail Map Premium” & “Rail Map Passport” – Charged Options

  • You can use the railway maps of all countries / regions being provided currently without any limit.
  • All railway maps of countries / areas that will be additionally supported in the future are also available.
  • No ads will be shown up on your railway maps (Only “Rail Map Premium” / Excluding ads on external sites, such as the result of transit searching).
Download Android app ‘World Transit Maps’ Download Android app ‘World Transit Maps’