Move between countries / regions for free – Meet the world railways with our app ‘World Transit Maps’!

TOKYO STUDIO INC. (Ina city, Nagano Japan) renewed our smartphone app ‘World Transit Maps’ (Android / iOS) that you can use railway maps and the transit route searching of the world. You can now move between countries / regions with the free plan, making you feel closer to worldwide railways.

Have a smooth rail trip around the world!

We improved the limit on “switching countries / regions” that previously required our paid options to be purchased. If you even use the free plan “Rail Map Basic”, you can now go back and forth freely between countries and regions by watching video ads.

In addition, “Fast Lane” will be applied to those who chose our paid options “Rail Map Passport” and “Rail Map Premium”. Any video ads will not be shown when switching between countries / regions.

If you have seen railway maps of only one country / region before, why don’t you try maps and transit route search on other countries / regions? Easy-to-read railway maps of each country / region are designed in a unified format, that contribute to the smooth movement on your railway journeys or business trips.

*Please update the app to the latest version (6.0.0 or higher).

Tap ‘Change Country / Region’.
Choose one where you want to visit.
After watching video ads, you can move to other country / region.

Covering area of the railway maps

The area will continue to expand.

Asia Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore
Europe United Kingdom, France (New!)

What’s our app ‘World Transit Maps’?

Our smartphone app providing originally designed railway maps, that cover all stations of railways and subways in the countries / regions around the world. People can immediately know the public transportation route to their destination with the transit route search that can be used with intuitive operations.

‘World Transit Maps’ supports 12 languages such as English, French, Chinese, Thai and so on, so it is used by worldwide people including travelers. Since it was released in 2015, it has been well received with over 2.8 million downloads and an average of over 4 reviews.