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Privacy Policy

We recognize that personal information is an important personal asset, and everyone who engages in the business of TOKYO STUDIO INC. responds to that trust by handling personal information correctly and safely.

  1. We decide to acquire, use and provide appropriate personal information in consideration of business contents and scale.
  2. In addition, we do not use for non-purpose purposes, formulate in-house regulations to take measures for that, and comply with this.
  3. We will comply with laws on personal information, guidelines established by the government, and other norms.
  4. We will take preventive measures to prevent problems such as unauthorized access to personal information, loss of personal information, destruction, falsification and leakage, and promptly take corrective measures in case of emergency.
  5. We will respond appropriately about complaints and consultation concerning personal information.
  6. We will revise the mechanism of personal information management as necessary and will continuously make improvements.

Established December 22, 2016
Revised October 1, 2017
Representative Director: Katsumi Yokoyama

Efforts to Protect Personal Information

TOKYO STUDIO INC. (Hereinafter referred to as “we”) is aiming to conduct the following businesses, including information entrusted by customers through smart device application “route map”, etc., various delegated information and stakeholders We handle information of.

For this reason, as a business operator handling personal information, we recognize the importance of personal information so that we can properly protect personal information, formulate the policies as described above, formulate a mechanism for personal information protection, implement and maintain · We will make improvements.
In addition, information handed over from before the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law is handled in the same way.

Article 1 (Acquisition of personal information, purpose of use)

We will acquire personal information and its accompanying address and contact information and various information (location information, use history, operation information, identification information etc.) necessary for providing the service for the following purposes and use within the purpose range I will do.
However, when explicitly stating the purpose of use separately from the below, we will follow the usage purpose there.
In addition, we may delegate part of our operations and information processing to other companies under our control.

  1. Providing services to customers
    – Identification / confirmation, information provision, product sending, contact, invoice, mail service
  2. Improve service
    – Analysis of usage information and opinions
    – Processing to analytical information that can not identify himself and secondary use of analysis information
  3. Marketing / Advertisement
    – Guide concerning products and services
    – Questionnaire Survey · Campaign etc. to be implemented and sending of rewards etc.
  4. Contact inquiries
  5. Applicant information and employee information
    – For recruitment selection and personnel labor management work

Article 2 (Non-purpose use of personal information and provision to third parties)

Personal information will not be used for purposes other than purpose or provision to third parties unless the following conditions, such as the consent of the person himself or a request based on laws and regulations, are met.

  1. When there is customer’s consent
  2. When there is an official request based on laws and ordinances
  3. When necessary for the protection of human life, body or property
  4. When particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting the healthy development of children
  5. When there is formal cooperation request from the national agency or local public entity
  6. When there is a legitimate reason such as urgent message to the customer

Various information necessary for providing the service may be provided to a third party in a state where the individual can not be identified.

Article 3 (Optionality of provision of personal information)

The provision of personal information, location information, and cookies (Cookies) is optional for customers, but if you can not provide them, we will reply to inquiries etc. when the products and services we offers are not available It may not be possible.

Article 4 (About location information)

In the products and services provided by us, we may acquire location information with your consent for service browsing and service provision.

Position information is information such as latitude and longitude acquired by functions such as GPS, beacon and Wi-Fi etc.

Article 5 (About cookies)

On the web site of our company, cookies may be used for browsing sites or providing services.

Cookie is information transmitted and received between the web site and Internet browsing software (browser), and it is recorded in your computer. The recorded information may contain customer information, but it will not be used for other than service provision.
In addition, cookies themselves will not adversely affect customers’ computers.
Although it is possible to refuse cookies by operating the setting of the Internet browsing software (browser), it may interfere with service provision.
For details on how to set up the browser, please contact each browser manufacturer.

Article 6 (Management method of personal information)

We constantly monitor and properly manage the information so that unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc of the personal information managed by us and various information necessary for providing the service can be prevented and accuracy of data contents can be maintained We are maintaining the system and periodically reviewing the management system so that it can deal with new unauthorized access methods and so on. In addition, we have thoroughly educated all employees concerning personal information and received a pledge to the effect that we deal with personal information appropriately.

Article 7 (For minors)

Products and services offered by the Company can also be used by underage customers. Furthermore, when an underage person registers personal information, please be sure to go under the consent of parental authority.

Article 8 (Handling of user information in application)

Please refer to the following page regarding the handling of user information acquired by us when you use the smart device application provided by us.

Application Privacy Policy

Article 9 (About disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information, and offer of complaints)

We will respond to the registration information management screen of each product and the inquiry window when there is a request from the customer to disclose, correct, delete, stop using, or stop the offer of a third party of personal information about you .
However, there may be cases where we can not respond to your offer if it falls under any of the following.

  1. When there is a danger of harming the life, body, property, or other rights and interests of the customer or a third party
  2. When there is a danger that it will have a serious obstacle to the proper implementation of our business
  3. When it becomes a violation of other laws and ordinances

Article 10 (Personal information protection administrator and contact information)

Personal Information Protection Administrator: Legal Department Compliance Officer
Contact address: We will contact you via email to

Article 11 (Inquiries concerning personal information)

Please inquire the “Contact” page when requesting questions or complaints concerning the customer’s personal information held by us.
Please send inquiries by e-mail regarding personal information to

Established December 22, 2016
Revised October 1, 2017